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Anti-static hollow plastic plate which use the cha...[2017-07-20]
Plastic hollow board (also known as Wantong board), there are many types of plastic hollow board, the different types of materials are also ...¡­¡­
Description of Shearing Technology of Fully Automa...[2017-07-20]
Automatic high-speed hollow plate production is a continuous production line, including hot-pressing the host, the cooling roll, cut and col...¡­¡­
Hollow plate plastic materials What are the advant...[2017-07-20]
Hollow board plastic material board more and more widely. With the progress of society, all kinds of industrial products, materials, machine...¡­¡­
Application of Plastic Hollow Board Turnover Box F...[2017-07-20]
Plastic hollow board turnover box is widely used, almost applied to all walks of life, can be used to the carton can be replaced with plasti...¡­¡­
Around the plastic hollow board[2017-07-20]
Undeniably, the development of science and technology does give us a very big convenience, improve the people's living standards and hap...¡­¡­
The future development trend of plastic mold: tech...[2017-07-20]
With the level of CNC machining equipment, enterprises have increased efforts to develop plastic mold, plastic mold has become the most attr...¡­¡­
New Application of Plastic Hollow[2017-07-20]
Plastic hollow board application of the industry is very broad like: 1, industrial product packaging turnover: electronic components packagi...¡­¡­
How to choose the right plastic hollow board turno...[2017-07-20]
In the selection of plastic containers of goods, must be based on the needs of the practice of the use of plastic containers in the widely k...¡­¡­