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Description of Shearing Technology of Fully Automatic High Speed Hollow Plate Machine

作者:         来源:       日期:2017/7/20 15:46:30         人气:

Automatic high-speed hollow plate production is a continuous production line, including hot-pressing the host, the cooling roll, cut and collected in several parts. First of all, through a certain proportion into the raw materials, desiccant, masterbatch, etc. into the mixing, mixing good raw materials into the hot host, the heat pressure into the hollow plate (the middle layer of the wave-shaped plate). And then through the cooling roller flat and cooled, sent to the cutter device. The device consists of fixed on the chain of the blade and rail, slowdown, DC motor and other components. When the end of the hollow board reaches the infrared detector, the detector sends out a cutting signal, and the cutter device starts and cuts the hollow board in motion to a predetermined length. When the blade arrives at the stop detector infrared detector, the detector sends a stop signal, the cutter device to stop, complete a cut, waiting for the next cut.

Visible, PP hollow plate shear is in the continuous production line on the moving objects simultaneously cut, and cut the hollow plate in the length of precision, cutting the vertical and straightness, and so have strict requirements. Therefore, the cutting knife and cooling roll control put forward higher requirements:

(1) cutting knife should be cut into the fast monotonous start to stable synchronization speed, to ensure that the incision will not bend. And, throughout the cutting process to keep the cutter speed, and keep with the cooling roller feed speed in order to ensure the cutting line of the vertical and straightness.

(2) Cutter Each stop knife should be located in the same position, and each should be in the same time to start to stable speed. So as to ensure a higher length of accuracy and uniformity of each board length.

(3) the quality of hollow plate heat and raw materials, heating temperature, speed and many other factors. Even in the same product specifications cut the hollow cutting process, but also often need to change according to the actual situation of the host and the cooling roller speed. Therefore, the cooling rate is different, stop the knife position is not the same, so as to ensure that at different cooling rates can be cut out the same size of the board.

(4) Cutter knife and knife distance is very short, it requires cutting knife device to quickly start and brake, to ensure that the cutting board is not even a short knife.

(5) Cut the cutting process to maintain the required rhythm, and the entire continuous production process with. Especially at any time the cutter can not reverse run; in the shear process can not have pause, otherwise the entire continuous production process will be affected. This also determines the transfer master to have a certain skill, skilled technical ability to manage this fully automatic machine